Personal Days: Statistics Teacher

I live a double life.

The life known to social media is this guy you're reading now. Author of a blog and books about theology. All written by a psychologist and often from an psychological angle, yes, but mainly a blog about theology.

That's one life. The other life is my job. Which has nothing much to do with theology.

I'm an experimental psychologist. Not a counseling or clinical psychologist. A degree in experimental psychology is mainly a degree in the methods of social science research. So a lot of it involves statistics.

As you can imagine, most of my faculty at ACU, who are clinical, counseling and school psychologists, wouldn't look forward to teaching a statistics class. But an experimental psychologist would. An experimental psychologist is well-suited to teach statistics and research methodology classes. That's our bread and butter.

So that's what I teach at ACU. Beyond a large psychology survey course, I mainly teach statistics at ACU. An undergraduate class and a multivariate statistics class for graduate students. I also supervise Masters theses.

Like I said, double lives. I'm a guy who writes books about the devil in the morning who lectures about multiple regression in the afternoon.

Above is a picture of the whiteboard after a lecture of mine on Tuesday. It's one of my favorite lectures. I do a magic trick for the class and then use that trick to illustrate the basic ideas of null hypothesis testing.

Lectures like these are a huge, huge part of my life, a part of my life social media never gets to see.

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