Personal Days: I Love My Bike

I love riding my bike to work.

I live about four miles from work and West Texas is really, really flat. So it's a very easy bike commute. I've been riding my bike to work for about fifteen years. I got the bike (Thanks Mom!) when Aidan was born and we were a one car family. I wanted to leave the car with Jana so I got a bike and starting riding it to work.

In the early days I cared about speed. Now, I ride like a child. I have a comfortable bike with fatter wheels and a padded seat. And I just ride at a slow, leisurely pace.

People sometimes ask if I bike for fitness. I don't, and never have. Even in the speed days it was speed for fun. "I bike for the lifestyle, for the fun of it, not the exercise," I respond.

So it takes me about 30 minutes to cover those four miles. Yes, I could get there more quickly if a pedaled harder or got a faster bike.

But what's the rush?

There is the sunshine and the sky and the breeze in your face...

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