Personal Days: Welcome the Little Children

We have some sweet and dear friends who are a wonderful family at our church. They have a big and active family, but they have also been a wonderful witness to our church in being foster parents, welcoming foster babies into the loving environment of their home.

Our friends just welcomed another foster baby, a tiny baby boy, just a few weeks old. The Becks were lucky enough to find ourselves sitting next them at church and Jana got to help, feeding the little fella his bottle. I pulled out my phone a took a picture.

And not wanting to miss out I asked for my turn holding him. So I got to hold this sweet baby for much of our church service. But alas, I eventually had to give him up as another dear friend, Amy, was in line to hold him.

I'm so grateful for the witness of our friends and how they let the church be a part.

And goodness gracious, there is nothing better than holding a baby. I've missed that feeling.

Jana sent me a picture she took of me holding that sweet little baby. BTW, regular readers might also like to know that to my right is Kristi, our friend sits with us during church and who I visit during the week to help her shop and stuff.

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