Personal Days: My Suitcase

I love retro things from the 1950s and 1960s.

Two summers ago, when we were visiting Rachel Held Evans and her husband Dan in Dayton, TN, Jana and I were going up and down Market Street shopping in the antique and junk shops. In one of them I found this vintage suitcase, pictured here.

I fell in love with it.

When I travel this is the suitcase I take. As people wheel their handled roller-board suitcases up and down the airport, I carry this.

And you know what? I get tons of compliments.

When the suitcase comes through the security scanners. "I like that suitcase." When I'm standing in line to board the plane. "I love that! I haven't seen a suitcase like that in years." When I'm taking it down from the overhead storage. "That suitcase is awesome."

True, some of my friends make fun of my old-school suitcase. I've enduring some teasing for my retro taste.

But I love this suitcase. When I show up at your church or speaking event, it'll be there in my hand.

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