Reviving Old Scratch on Newsworthy With Norsworthy and a 30% Promotional Discount

I'm back over at Luke Norsworthy's podcast, along with Jonathan Storment.

In the podcast we talk about N.T. Wright, Greg Boyd, demon possession, a theology of revolt, the problem of suffering, the privilege of doubt, concerns about talking about the devil, Jesus' political imagination, how drinking bad coffee is saving the world, and how making peanut butter sandwiches is a form of spiritual warfare, all related to my new book Reviving Old Scratch.

Incidentally, our discussion about the problem of suffering is, I think, one of the most potent insights in Reviving Old Scratch. Specifically, I make the point in the book that compassion is often the acid of faith.

How's that?

Well, compassion draws us to Jesus and deeper into the suffering of the world. But the deeper we go into that suffering the greater our doubts and the greater our theodicy concerns: Why is God allowing this?

Compassion draws us to faith in Jesus. And then compassion--or, rather, the doubts generated by our compassion--erodes faith in Jesus.

The cross-pressure between compassion and faith is, I think, the quicksand that has sunk the faith of many a progressive and liberal Christian. And the solution, in my estimation, is adopting Jesus's theology of revolt, reviving Jesus' battle with Old Scratch.

And a last programming note, Fortress Press just let me know about a promotional deal for Reviving Old Scratch.

If you use the promo code BECK30 with Fortress Press you'll get 30% off the book and free shipping. To order you can call 800-328-4648, email (, or place the order online at the Fortress site entering the promo code at checkout. This discount is good through 5/31.

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