Personal Days: Praying With Hank Williams

I first bought a guitar and started to learn some chords because I wanted to strum along to accompany myself as I sang old gospel hymns.

Most gospel hymns are simple three chord progressions. "Amazing Grace" is G, C, D7 (or D, G, A7). Those same chords are also used for "I'll Fly Away." And many, many other songs.

Learn three simple chords and the whole hymnal opens up.

I'm not the best guitar player. I mainly play because I like to sing.

Lately I've been working through and teaching myself gospel songs written or covered by Hank Williams. Outside of "I Saw the Light," Hank Williams isn't really known for his gospel music, but I've found his religious music to be remarkable.

So prior to our summer vacation I printed off the lyrics and chords for a bunch of these songs and have been practicing and singing them. Some of my favorite songs are "The Tramp on the Street," "Thank God," "The Devil's Train," "The Angel of Death," "A House of Gold," "I'll Have a New Body," "Jesus is Calling," "When the Book of Life is Read," "I'm Gonna Sing," "Wait for the Light to Shine," "How Can You Refuse Him Now," and "The Battle of Armageddon."

You can find most if not all of theses songs on YouTube if you'd like to give any of them a listen.

Anyhow, our dear friend Hannah was visiting us from England this last week. One of the mornings during Hannah's visit I was working through these Hank Williams' songs. Strumming and singing along like I do on many mornings.

"It's one of the ways," I told Hannah, "that I like to pray."

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