Personal Days: Roller Derby Fans

Since 2014, when I first wrote about Jana and I taking in our first roller derby match, we've continued to go to roller derby matches.

We're officially fans.

And it's been fun introducing friends to the sport.

Last October we took our small group at church to the Abilene roller derby. Yes, a few of them were skeptical, but by the time the match was over they were on board. We had a great time.

And this week we took Jana's friend Cindy to the Eerie Roller derby. Brenden and Aidan came along.

The Eerie Roller Girls got out to an early lead, the Penn Jersey She Devils fought back, but Eerie pulled away late.

By the end of the night Cindy was cheering right along with us when that lead jammer would break through the pack...

Eerie Roller Girls

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