Personal Days: 25th

This August Jana and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary.

To celebrate the day we went to Hickory Street Cafe, a place loaded with memories. Jana and I used to go to Hickory Street when we were young and married during my years in graduate school and when Jana was the Children's Theater Director at Abilene Community Theatre. A very nostalgic lunch.

Pictured here are the cards we exchanged. I actually don't give Jana cards, I've always written her poems. She has 25 years' worth of these. Jana gave me a 3D card: a card that said "You are the key to my heart" along with an antique lock, antique keys, and two metal numbers from an old cash register. 2 & 5.

Our real celebration, though, happened the weekend before when we went to Dallas to spend a night and to go to the Dixie Chicks concert. We're huge Dixie Chicks fans. Have been since their album Wide Open Spaces.

We loved the concert, though I have to admit "Goodbye Earl" isn't the best anniversary song. But great fun to hear live with a crowd.

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