Personal Days: Home Goes With You

Well, school started this week at ACU.

Not classes, but the week before classes where we welcome freshmen and transfer students to ACU. Yesterday our department welcomed our new majors. We played "social bingo" where you collect signatures from people who can answer "Yes" to the question in a particular cell of the bingo grid.

One of the social bingo questions was, "A faculty member who has been arrested."

Hmmm. Wonder who that could be?

But by far the most poignant part of this week was getting Brenden moved to ACU and getting his dorm room set up. It's an exciting time, but sad for Jana and I. The night Brenden moved into his dorm I went and stood in his room, looking at mostly an empty room but also all the things that were left behind. An award from Middle School. His rock collection. A hat from when I coached this tee ball team.

So many memories collected in the corners and on the walls of that empty room. I stood there a cried a bit.

But here's a picture of Brenden's desk in his dorm room. Notice Rublev's icon of the trinity there on top of the books? That's my son.

And at the end of the row of books is the Bible we gave Brenden at his baptism, signed by Jana and I and his four grandparents. And Brenden wears around his neck the cross we gave him that day.

Brenden's moved out, yes, but home goes with him.

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