Personal Days: Game Night!

For the past four years, when Brenden was in High School, Friday nights here in Texas were "Friday Night Lights," going to Brenden's football games. But with Brenden now in college and Aidan not playing football our Friday nights are suddenly wide open.

So this year we are starting up a new family tradition. Friday night is family game night!

We like lots of games, but our favorite games are cooperative games.

If you're unfamiliar with cooperative games they are games where the players work together rather than against each other. Two cooperative games we've played a lot are Forbidden Island and Forbidden Desert. I actually used these two games to make a point in Reviving Old Scratch.

We've also enjoyed the cooperative game Mysterium, where players are psychics trying to interpret visions from a ghost so everyone--psychics and ghost--can solve a murder.

And tonight we debut a highly reviewed cooperative game we've never played before: Pandemic, a game where the players work together to stop four infectious diseases from spreading across the world.

Any favorite games ya'll would like to recommend?

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