Personal Days: Pink iPhone

Years ago someone gave me a gift certificate at our campus store for an Otterbox for my iPhone.

I was looking over the selections with the student worker in the store.

"I like the pink one," I said.

"But it's pink," she replied.

"But I like pink," I said.

So a got a pink Otterbox for my iPhone. Since then my pink iPhone has become a part of my legend on campus. "I heard you had a pink iPhone," new students will say.

I wrote about my pink iPhone back in 2012.

Anyway, I finally upgraded my old phone this last week. After getting the phone the guy helping us at the store asked, "Do you want to get a protective case for this?"

"Yes I do," I replied. I drop my phone all the time and with the Otterbox it's never broken or shattered. The box is cheaper than buying insurance for the phone.

"What color do you want?" he asked.

"Pink," Jana said, "he always gets pink."

He looked at me, I smiled back.

"It's sort of my trademark."

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