Personal Days: Touching Up the Trinity

Four years ago I got a tattoo of Rublev's icon The Hospitality of Abraham, also called Rublev's Trinity.

In the Orthodox tradition you cannot write God directly (for the Orthodox you "write" an icon, you don't paint it). So God as the Trinity--Father, Son and Holy Spirit--is depicted indirectly by writing the scene from Genesis 18 where Abraham welcomes God as three angelic visitors.

I've loved this tattoo, all that it symbolizes and reminds me of as I look at it, but after four years the yellow ink in the sky had faded a bit. (Sunlight is the great enemy of ink.)

So I got back with Travis Eason, the original artist, to touch up the Trinity.

With the yellow in the sky back to its vibrant best I'm falling in love with the tattoo all over again.

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