Personal Days: My Favorite Election Year Graph

Given that I'm a statistics teacher I've been a long time fan of Nate Silver's work. I started following Silver's FiveThirtyEight blog during the 2008 presidential race.

(BTW, FiveThirtyEight refers to the fact that there are 538 electoral college votes.)

I check FiveThirtyEight a couple times a day to keep track of the presidential election. This election cycle FiveThirtyEight has introduced a new graph to display how the electoral college vote looks given state by state polling.

The "snake graph" is really an outstanding example of the fusion between visual design and quantitative display. It's the best graph I've ever seen if you want a quick, rich and easy to understand graph of the electoral college race.

The "snake graph" looks like this:

You can see and follow the current "snake graph" here.

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