The Gospel According to Stranger Things

If you're looking for a new blog to follow let me point you to the blog of Jonathan Storment over at Patheos. Many of you know Jonathan from his regular posting at Scot McKnight's blog Jesus Creed.

Jonathan is the pastor of my church here in Abilene, the Highland Church of Christ. He's also a good and dear friend.

One of the shared passions Jonathan and I have, and he and I talk about this all the time, is trying to help a disenchanted church recover enchantment in this our "secular age." Regular readers know I've written a ton over the last few years about enchantment. Last week Jonathan started a series on his blog entitle "The Gospel According to Stranger Things" based on the popular Netflix series. A show I loved. It's a series about enchantment, so I wanted to put this on your radar screen.

Plus, Jonathan is using David Dark's new book Life's Too Short to Pretend You’re Not Religious. I loved Dark's book and had plans to write about it, but since Jonathan is writing about the book it's just simpler to point you his way.

So, if you're not following it already, you should check out Jonathan's blog Part of Restoration Movement.

And if you're interested in re-enchanting the church be sure to follow the series Jonathan is starting with his first two posts from last week "I Believe in Stranger Things."
and "A World of Dungeons and Dragons", and this week's "Thin Places and All Saints Day."

Full disclosure: Jonathan has no idea I'm plugging his blog or series for him. I just want ya'll to follow his new series because 1) I'm passionate about the topic of enchantment, 2) I loved Stranger Things and 3) I wanted to put Dark's book on your radar screen.

Plus, in high school I was a huge Dungeons and Dragons fan. A child of the '80s I was...

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