Personal Days: End of the Year

Last Friday of 2016!

Through 2016 I used Fridays for more personal posts. I used "Personal Days" to share moments of my life, using this blog like people use Facebook.

On Fridays you knew it was a Senior year for Brenden, the first year on the golf team for Aidan and a 25th Anniversary for Jana and I. You saw my prison Bible and my prayer books. You've peeked into my office, looked into my classroom, and got a look at the bike I ride to work each day. We've lamenting our favorite Mexican restaurant burning down and I announced the first time I ever played guitar on a praise band. We've attended another Roller Derby together, stood on the stage of Jana's production of Little Women and you know what my iPhone screen looks like. You saw my Rublev icon tattoo touched up and walked with me around Walden Pond. You found out that I write Jana lots of poems, that I love walks in the snow and that I voted for Hilary.

And here, with this picture, you finally get to see behind the screen, where all the blog magic happens.

I hope you enjoyed Fridays on the blog. But it's a new year and time to do something different. Next Friday, the first in 2017, I'll be starting something new. See you on the other side.

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