Start Passing the Peace: Part 3, We Need a Liturgy of Peace

I think the main reason I'd like to see churches passing the peace is because if our world needs a liturgy right now that liturgy is passing the peace.

We're all so divided, polarized and angry at each other. Even in our own pews. So it seems to me that it might be a good idea if we all started practicing, week in and week out, looking each other in the eye and saying "Peace be with you."

Right now, other than the Eucharist, I can't imagine a more important and necessary liturgy for us. A stand-and-greet-your-neighbors liturgy isn't going to cut it. We need to practice extending peace to each other.

Seriously, to lament our polarized, divided and fractured churches, communities and nation and to not practice passing the peace is liturgical and political malpractice.

It's Spiritual Formation 101. You can't become something you're not willing to practice.

Dear churches, start passing the peace.

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