Prison Diary: Kairos

Two weeks ago I had to be out at the prison to renew my volunteer training. You have to go back through the training every two years.

Herb and I went out to the training early because Kairos was happening that weekend, so we wanted to spend some time encouraging the Kairos volunteers and the Men in White going through the experience.

Kairos, I think, may be the largest prison ministry in America and worldwide. Kairos is associated with Walk to Emmaus though the programs are separate. Similar to the Walk to Emmaus, Kairos is a three and half day experience that introduces you to the basics of Christianity and the Christian walk. In our prison, after the Kairos weekend inmates who participate can attend "Prayer and Share" gatherings each week to pray and encourage each other. These gatherings are lead by Kairos volunteers.

All that to say, if you're interested in prison ministry you might check to see if the prison in your area has a Kairos ministry. Sign up to volunteer.

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