Prison Diary: The Crookbook

I can't recall if I've shared this yet, but a few months ago I had this idea to publish a prison cookbook, asking the men in the Monday night Bible study to share their best prison recipes. Along with the recipes, the book would also share spiritual reflections from the men in the study. Prison cookbooks have been published before, but this one would be for a Christian audience.

Well, I'm happy to announce that this cookbook is becoming a reality!

Having pitched the idea to the guys, last week they gave me a homemade, handwritten prison cookbook. Complete with drawn illustrations and a Table of Contents. Entitled The Crookbook, it has over twenty-five recipes. 

Currently, I'm typing up the recipes and am going to start having people test the recipes in their own kitchens to provide feedback. Soon I'll start collecting spiritual reflections from the men in the study. And then I'll start looking for a publisher. I'll keep you posted, especially if The Crookbook gets published. Proceeds to go to a charity picked by the Men in White.

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