Robert and His Monster Bible

Yesterday I mentioned Judy. Judy is married to Robert, who you also meet in Stranger God in a sweet Christmas story.

As I mention in the book, Robert can be hard to get along with. It's hard to tell Robert something he doesn't already know. Still, we're friends.

Both Robert and Judy live on SSI due to cognitive disabilities, but as I recount in Stranger God Robert is sort of a mad genius in many ways. True, Robert's creative streak runs toward the peculiar, but there is some whimsy to it. As I recount in Stranger God, Robert surprises me in delightful ways.

For example, two weeks ago Robert proudly showed me his new, homemade Bible cover.

The cover was already a bit strange. For some reason, Robert had covered it in a brown fur. So the Bible already looked like a dead animal sitting on the table.

But Robert, being Robert, took it to a whole other level.

First, he glued on some googly eyes. Then he glued on some teeth, those fake vampire teeth kids use for Halloween. And then, finally, to make this Bible totally awesome, Robert hot glued red LED lights to the cover. The lights are powered by a battery pack glued to the spine.

Pictures of the greatest Bible cover ever are included here, along with a shot of the battery pack.

I was totally delighted by Robert's creation. So fun and inventive.

And for readers of Stranger God, you'll know it's also totally Robert.

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