Join the Becks on the Typology Podcast!

If you missed it, Jana and I were recently on Ian Cron's Typology podcast. You can listen to the episode here, or search for Typology on your podcast app.

Ian's podcast and his book The Road Back to You is focused on the Enneagram. In the podcast Ian and I talk about my initial skepticism about the Enneagram and ways it's helped Jana and I in our marriage. Jana is a 2 and I'm a 5w4.

If you don't know your type or want to start exploring the Enneagram you can take an assessment here at Ian's website.

A couple of things about the content of the podcast.

First, Ian and I spend some time talking about things that cut across the types--virtue, mental health, and IQ specifically--as well as raise questions about the stability of the types across situations and contexts. I think these are really important observations about the Enneagram (and any personality model) as they point to ways where the Enneagram is incomplete, and even unhelpful in some situations.

But the other thing about the podcast that's noteworthy is that Jana is also a quest, and we talk a bit about our marriage. This is a part of my life that regular readers have not heard much about, in my writings or on other podcasts I have done.

And you can hear on the podcast the most beautiful sound of my life:

Jana's laughter.

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