Journal Week 15: The Author Not On Social Media

If you've tried to look me up on social media you'll know I'm not on Twitter or Facebook.

There are times I get angsty about that. How will I build an audience for this blog? How will I push out news about a book I publish?

Most of time, however, it's such a huge relief not living on social media. True, I'm blessed that I have a day job that pays the rent. I don't need to build a publishing and speaking platform to support a living as a writer. If I was a full-time writer, then yes, I'd need to full court press social media. That would be a part of my job.

But having a job, I don't need to push like that. Sure, by not pushing I'm reducing my "voice." But I think I've done enough spiritual work on myself to not get overly worried about the size of my impact upon the world.

People ask me all the time, "How's you book doing?' And I always say, "I have no idea." Truly, I don't keep up with it. I just want to be proud of my books, I don't need to sell them.

And the trade-off in staying off of social media is so, so worth it.

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