Inside the Classroom

From time to time during my teaching career, students have spent a course writing down quotations from the class and then sharing them with me at the end of the semester. Depending upon the student and the quotes that grab them, the quotes they capture from me can range from the random, to the silly, to the serious.

Yesterday, Kelly sent me some quotes of mine from our Psychology and Christianity class. Here are a few:
"Jesus broke our hearts open so we could feel even the slightest pain of this world."

“If the crucifixion happened--we took love and saw hate, took goodness and saw evil--then how can we trust ourselves to judge others? We killed our own savior, so why would we even risk condemning others after that?”

[Describing the Little Way:] “You are climbing the mountain of holiness right there in the Walmart checkout line.”

“If you just open your heart to people, God will surprise you.”

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