Journal Week 23: Leipzig, Germany

I'm in Leipzig, Germany, during the month of June, also spending a few days in the UK. While in the UK I'll be preaching at Ashley Church in St. Albans on June 24.

BTW, the picture here is of the ACU villa in Leipzig. 

I'm Leipzig leading 15 ACU students on a Study Abroad experience. We'll be studying social psychology, with a specific focus on WW2, the Cold War, and the Protestant Reformation. We'll be taking trips to Berlin, Wittenberg, and Buchenwald concentration camp.

One of the things I'm having the students reflect on is the role of the church related to these times. Specifically, we're talking about Bonhoeffer for WW2, St. Nicholas Church for the Peaceful Revolution, and, obviously, Martin Luther for the Protestant Reformation.

For my own edification, I'll be doing some of my own work on Bonhoeffer during our month here. I have a hunch about Bonhoeffer, a way to reconcile his Cost of Discipleship with this discussion of "religionless Christianity" from his Letter and Papers from Prison. I'll be reading, pondering, and exploring this hunch during our month in Germany.  

I don't know if I'll post anything about our experiences here, or if I'll have a huge Bonhoeffer breakthrough, but you never know, so just a head's up.

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