Journal Week 27: Puppets in Prague

While here in Germany our family went to Prague for the weekend.

I love Prague. Next week I'll share some about the churches we visited.

Today, just a note about devil puppets.

Czechia, or the Czech Republic, is known for its tradition of puppetry and marionettes. One of the things I love about visiting Prague is looking through the marionette shops. There's just nothing like them in the United States.

Anyway, guess who features in a lot of Czech folk stories, and is, consequently, one of the characters hanging in marionette shops?

You guessed it, Old Scratch.

Seriously, there are puppets of Old Scratch in these shops, with the name literally reading on the tag "Old Scratch." In most of the folk stories, Old Scratch appears mostly as a trickster, so the puppets are more whimsical than diabolical.

Obviously, I had to have one. It's the purchase I've been most excited about this trip.

My puppet of Old Scratch.

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