Journal Week 32: A Unique Approach to Paddle Boarding

I'm in Erie, Pennsylvania visiting my family.

One of the things I've gotten totally addicted to over the years when visiting Erie during the summer is paddle boarding. I love renting a board and taking it out on Lake Erie.

My approach to paddle boarding is a bit unique, however. Most people do a lot of paddling while paddle boarding. They get the board and paddle around.

Not me. Most of what I do with a paddle board is sit.

Here's what I do. I get a board and then paddle it far out from shore. Once I'm out in deep water with the noises of the shore far behind me, I stop and then just sit on the edge of the board (like the picture here). And I'll just sit for hours out there. Nothing but me, the water, and the sky. Sometimes I'll lay down, stretch out, and close my eyes. The peace and quiet I find in those hours is deeply spiritual and profoundly healing.

A quiet seat out on deep water.

That's all I want out of a paddle board.

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