As You Pass Through the Valley of Weeping

"Passing through the valley of Weeping, they make it a place of springs."

--Psalm 84.6

You can read the Psalms for years and still you're interrupted by their poetry.

This image from Psalm 84 captured my imagination today. It's an image of God's faithful passing through "the valley of Weeping" (literally, the "Valley of Baca," from the Hebrew word for tears).

As they pass through the Valley of Weeping God's children transform it into a place of springs, a place of rest and refreshment. What interrupted me about the line was the word "they." You'd expect something like "the Lord" at that moment in the poem. As in: "Passing through the valley of Weeping, the Lord makes it a place of springs."

But it's not the Lord who transforms the valley of Weeping into a place of springs. It's God's faithful children who bring the refreshment and renewal.

So that became my prayer today, and may it be as well for you.

As you walk through the valleys of Weeping today, may you make them a place of springs. 

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