Journal Week 41: Evangelist to Millennials

As I've written about in an earlier journal entry, I've been teaching a new class at ACU entitled "Psychology and Christianity."

This is the third time I've taught the class, and increasingly I find myself being an evangelist to Millennials.

(Are college students today still Millennials? I think they are a new, yet to be named generation.)

Obviously, I talk a lot about Christianity in the class, but so many of my students are doubting, disillusioned, or skeptical about the faith. Even at my Christian school. So I spend a lot of time trying to evangelize my students by talking about Christianity in a way that is both honest and surprising. That mixture, I think, is important. College students are very good at detecting BS, so you have to be brutally honest. That's easy for me to do. The harder part is surprising them.

My method is basically to evoke a spiritual ache within them. I try to do this by interrupting them with something so beautiful that a desire stirs within them, an ache for God. I then try to fan that ache into faith.

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