Journal Week 44: Notebooks

"How do you write so much?

That's the Number #1 question I get asked by people to follow the blog. How am I able to write so much, week after week, year after year?

One of the reasons is my addiction to notebooks. For decades I've carried a moleskine notebook with me, wherever I go. And I do mean, wherever I go. I have stacks and stacks of  notebooks in my house from over the years.

I use the notebooks to jot down ideas, compose poems, or write down good quotes. Almost every thought I have or the smallest creative spark gets captured in a notebook.

All that to say, I think a lot of us have many good thoughts all the time. We just don't capture them. So when it comes time to face a blank screen we find we don't have anything to write. But if you have a notebook that's captured all your stray, random ideas, all you have to do is flip through the pages to recover those flashes of insight or that good quote you came across last week.

Obviously, this isn't the only factor in play, but it's a piece of it. If I'm heading out the door I'm grabbing three things. My keys, my phone, and my notebook.

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