Journal Week 45: Autumn

The leaves are starting to fall here in Texas. And the days are getting cooler.

Autumn has always been my favorite season. The turn from summer to winter has always made me grow melancholy and reflective, even as a child. There's a pensive moodiness to autumn that I've always experienced. The music that has always perfectly captured my mood this time of year is George Winston's album Autumn.

I grew up in Pennsylvania, so I miss the full palette of color Northern trees give you this time of year. Here in Abilene we mostly have live oaks, mesquite trees, and pecan trees. None of which turn fiery red or orange during autumn. I miss those colors.

Still, on my bike ride to work brisk chilly winds are starting to blow, leaves are starting fall, pecan nuts are dropping and filling the yards, and the sun is setting sooner. So I'm growing reflective and thoughtful again. Just like when I was a boy, walking home from school kicking his feet through wet autumn leaves...

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