Journal Week 48: Early Caroling in Prison

I know it's not Advent yet, but we've been caroling out at the prison for a few weeks.

We got started early because we haven't been able to sing Advent and Christmas carols for two years in a row.

Two years ago the guys wanted me to start singing carols once we got past Halloween. Being I liturgical purist, I resisted. "Let's wait until the first Sunday of Advent," I said.

Well, two years ago the semi-annual lockdown occurred before the first Sunday of Advent. So we didn't get to sing Christmas and Advent carols. By the time the lockdown ended many weeks later the Christmas season was over.

And the same thing happened last year. Early in November, the guys started asking to sing Christmas carols. And being a liturgical purist, I again resisted. "Let's wait until Advent," I said. But then the lockdown happened and we missed the entire Advent and Christmas season for a second year in row.

So this year, well, screw liturgical purity. We started singing in November.

We weren't going to miss singing Advent and Christmas carols for a third year in a row.

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