Journal Week 51: Family Christmas

Every year for Christmas we drive from Texas to Pennsylvania to be with my family. I love getting to be back home during the holidays.

Because of the trip we do our family gift exchanges before hitting the road. We call this "family Christmas." Santa shows up in PA on Christmas, but our family gifts are exchanged earlier during family Christmas. It saves us from packing up a ton of Christmas gifts and driving them across country over 1,400 miles.

We had our family Christmas this week, Jana and I giving our gifts to the boys and exchanging our presents with each other. And pictured here is my favorite present!

Because of my having fallen in love with Flannery O'Connor, Jana got me this lovely Flannery O'Connor art print from Blue Hour Studio. Check out the website out for a nice gift for the literature lover in your life.

I hope all your gift giving goes as well as Jana's did this year. She nailed it.

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