The Footnotes of Fleming Rutledge

I've been re-reading Fleming Rutledge's book The Crucifixion. If you've not read the book, I highly recommend it.

My note today isn't about the content of the book, it's about the footnotes. I'm a reader that tends to ignore footnotes. But during this second pass through The Crucifixion, for some reason, I started reading the footnotes.

And oh my goodness, the footnotes of Fleming Rutledge! The footnotes are almost better than the book. She just torches sacred cows and dishes out forceful, no holds barred opinions on all sorts of issues, topics and people. I'll read a footnote and exclaim, "Oh no she didn't!"

All that to say, get yourself a copy of The Crucifixion.

And make sure you read the footnotes.

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