Crescimento Limpo: Challanges During COVID-19

As regular readers know, and as you've seen in my blog header, one of the ministries I have a close connection with is Crescimento Limpo in Itu, Brazil, lead by my dear friends Mark and Ali Kaiser.

CL began by providing transitional housing for the homeless and those struggling with addiction. As a part of that housing, CL also ran a residential garden where residents could work and learn job skills.

From the garden emerged the cafe, serving breakfast, lunch, coffee, drinks, and pies. Located near the city offices and court, the cafe has emerged as a place of healing and reconciliation, as many of the judges and lawyers of the city have lunch at the cafe and thereby interact with the CL residents who have stood in their courtrooms and are affected by their decisions.

However, due to COVID-19 the cafe has closed, creating pressures and challenges for CL. Below, Mark shares an update on CL's work and needs.

During a time when many of us are wondering how we can help the most vulnerable among us, please consider CL as an outlet of your generosity. You can donate at their Global Giving page here.

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