The Broken Signposts of N.T. Wright: Part 5, Truth

N.T. Wright's fourth broken signpost is truth.

We all want the truth, as Wright observes: "We still want the truth. We don't want to be surrounded by liars or to live in a hall of distorting mirrors."

Trouble is, in a world of fake news, postmodern subjectivism ("You have your truth and I have mine."), and Orwellian doublespeak, we have no clue what is true or not. As Wright says, "We demand more truth just when it is becoming more elusive. We need truth and were made to tell truth, but we live in a world of lies. Often enough we add to them ourselves. We even tell lies about telling lies."

We desire the truth, but find ourselves asking the question: "Is there such a thing as 'truth'? And if so, why is it so hard to come by?"

Our desire for truth is a vocational signpost. We want to create a truthful world and to be truthful ourselves. Truth seems integral to human flourishing and well-being. And yet, this signpost is broken as well. We want truth, but seems fairly clueless about how to achieve it on our own.

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