I Was Cast Upon Thee from the Womb

I like to do my devotional reading in the King James Version. I was reading Psalm 22, and a line struck me from Verse 10:

"I was cast upon thee from the womb."

Modern translations render the verse very similarly, "From birth I was cast on you" (NIV) and "On you I was cast from my birth" (NRSV).

The meaning of the Hebrew word for "cast" can range from the passive ("left") to vigorous ("thrown").

Anyway, it's strange how a line can interrupt you when reading the Bible, and the interruption is hard to explain since it's an emotional thing, the Word of God and your particular life at a particular time intersect to create an experience. And this experience was just a powerful feeling that, from the moment of birth, I had been "cast upon" God, totally dependent upon God, even when I didn't know or recognize it.

All my life, I've been held by God. As have you.

All of us, cast upon God from the womb.

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