Post-Progressive Evangelism

If you get a chance, check out the book Arguing Religion: A Bishop Speaks at Facebook and Google.

The book shares expanded versions of two talks Bishop Robert Barron delivered on the campuses of Facebook and Google in 2017.

I've never been taken much with Christian apologetics, but I found Bishop Barron's two talks very thoughtful and very well done, a wonderful model of how to engage a post-Christian world.

My interest in these talks comes from my post-progressive Christian shift. On the one hand, as a progressive, I find nothing attractive or compelling in the evangelism I see among conservative, evangelical Christians. But on the other hand, among progressive Christians I see no evangelistic impulse whatsoever.

So, for anyone else on the post-progressive Christian journey, I think you'll find Bishop Barron's book a nice place to explore what the opening moves of evangelism can look like in a post-Christian world.

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