Between Good Friday and Easter

My wife was poking fun at me this week. She asked, "Why are you writing about blasphemy during Passion Week?"

My response, "Oh. That's a good point. I hadn't thought about that."

Basically, I'm liturgically clueless.

To make up for that, here, in between Good Friday and Easter, are some of my posts about the cross and Easter:

Regarding the death and burial of Jesus, here are some reflections on the Isenheim altarpiece. Many consider the Isenheim Crucifixion the most profound depiction of the death of Jesus.

For another take on the death of Jesus here are reflections about Orthodox icons of the crucifixion.

And see here for a primer on classic accounts about what actually happened on the cross.

My preferred reading of the cross is Girardian. See here for how S. Mark Heim applies this reading to the crucifixion accounts. For a lighter account of the scapegoating idea, here are reflections from Heim and Jurgen Moltmann applied to Charlie Brown as Christ Figure.

Moving to Easter, I particularly like how the Orthodox focus on the Harrowing of Hell in contrast to the empty tomb.

In a more quirky essay, some reflections on astronomy and the church controversies surrounding the proper dating of Easter.

Finally, using self-reference and cognitive science to think about why the stories of Good Friday and Easter so transform our lives.

Have a happy and blessed Easter weekend. For me and my family, we've dyed over 40 eggs. Ah, the nostalgic smells of vinegar...

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  1. What better time than holy week for talking about blasphemy? It's like putting your blasphemy on one of those Scrabble triple-word squares.

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