Government Intervention I Can Get Behind

From a Slate article--entitled Interference!-- by Christopher Beam:

A House subcommittee approved a bill Wednesday that would prohibit the NCAA from dubbing its title contest a "national championship" unless it switches to a playoff system.
Can Congress actually do this? Well, according the article sports leagues are forms of interstate commerce which bring the feds into it. From the article:
Because sports are considered interstate commerce. Article I, Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution gives Congress the power to regulate commerce among the states. The Supreme Court has interpreted that power to include sports leagues
Also, the BCS might be a monopoly and, if so, anti-trust laws would apply. More from Beam's article:
Congress also has the authority to write and revise antitrust laws, which the current championship selection system may be violating. The organizers of the BCS pick 10 teams to play in the various college bowls, including the Sugar Bowl and the Rose Bowl. Six of these teams—the champions of the ACC, Big 12, Big East, Big Ten, Pac-10, and SEC—are automatically locked into getting a coveted—and lucrative—BCS bowl bid. According to critics, this favoritism prevents fair competition. A playoff, they say, would be a more equitable way to decide which teams make it to the finals
Now this is government intervention I can get behind. Down with the BCS! I want a playoff!

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3 thoughts on “Government Intervention I Can Get Behind”

  1. A playoff would hurt college football and the whole bowl system. I like it as it is now and has always been. Where each bowl game is significant for what it is: an example of a great game with plenty of skill and beauty and tradition. To be enjoyed and savored.

  2. Steve,
    I understand. What I have in mind is a tweak to the BCS system. Have the BCS bowls add a +1 feature. Get the top four teams in two of the BCS bowls as they already are. Then let the winners of those two games move on to play in a national championship game, also a BCS bowl, a week later. The host of this national championship can rotate, just as it does now.

    There is a downside, only 4 teams are showcased in 3 bowls rather than 6 teams in the top 3 BCS bowls. But I think that is worth the trade to let teams like TCU get their shot at a Cinderella story. The drama year to year would be amazing, historical stuff.

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