Rick Warren's Video Encyclical to Ugandan Pastors

Rick Warren releases a video encyclical to Ugandan pastors where a bill is being considered that would allow the government to execute homosexual persons:

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4 thoughts on “Rick Warren's Video Encyclical to Ugandan Pastors”

  1. Oleaginous creep. He spends more time defending himself against the imaginary charge of "interfereing" than he does actually talking about the darned law. He's incredibly nervous, too, you can tell by the strange way he breaks the lines and the errors he makes. Still, I like the fact that he actually steps up and tries to talk about gay people as though they aren't filth. I don't like his continued reference to gay people as "homosexuals" as though people can be fully comprehended by their sexual acts. I note he talks about other people just as people--not as "heterosexuals."


  2. Good point, aimai. I wonder what the world would be like if we defined everyone by their sexual preferences/acts. It seems like a pretty ridiculous idea when applied to everyone.

    This is why I say that "love the sinner and hate the sin" doesn't work, especially when you define someone by their "sin".

  3. I'm relieved he has said something. I am saddened that it took as long as it did and disappointed that it needs being said at all. -Deb

  4. Is an internet video encyclical supposed to be an effective way of getting a message across to people in Uganda? I'm sure that there is internet technology available in Uganda, but I can't imagine that it is a very widespread and highly available thing for people.

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