The Psychology and Theology of Halloween: The Collected Writings

As long time readers know, I've written a variety of Halloween-themed meditations over the years.

Some of these reflections have been about monsters.

Many have been about the existential aspects of Halloween.

In fact, many of these reflections made their way into Unclean, where I talk about monsters in Part 2 and about how mortality fears fuel body ambivalence in Part 3 (which, I think, is a lot of what is going on in Halloween). And some of this material has made its way into my upcoming book The Slavery of Death.

Have a blessed and Happy Halloween. A collection of reflections for the day:

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4 thoughts on “The Psychology and Theology of Halloween: The Collected Writings”

  1. Thanks! I like that one as well. I got a lot of that info years ago when I taught a Death and Dying class the very first semester of my teaching career. I only taught it once, but what I learned (via teaching) that semester has stayed with me. One of my most favorite teaching experiences.

  2. So... Theology of The Walking Dead coming soon? Dont know if you watch/read it, but there could be a lot of interesting material there.

    Also, I HAD NO IDEA YOU DID A CALVIN AND HOBBES SERIES!!! These books where a HUGE pare of my adolescent years. Can't wait to dive into that!

  3. You inspired me to write my one Halloween post this week on Why Christian Need Horror. Thanks for all the insight and inspiration to find place for theological refection in the most interesting places.

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