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We'll get back to Dante next week. Today a bit of housekeeping.

For a few years people have asked me to add a "subscribe by email" feature to the blog. Whenever I've poked around Blogger in the past I could never see an easy-to-add widget for this. And since I'm generally indifferent and apathetic about making it easy for people to find, follow, share, or read my blog, there I let the matter sit.

Well, after another nudge from a friend this week I took another look at the widgets available on Blogger. And there it was: email subscription!

So, at the homepage of the blog, where you see the sidebar on the right, at the top of the sidebar is a place where you can subscribe to the blog via email. Let me know if you use it and have any issues.

And if this is something you've been wishing for, well, "You're Welcome!" True, it goes against my blogging philosophy to make this blog easy and accessible, I still like to keep things simple, primitive, and advertisement-free here on Blogger, but sometimes you just have to give the people what they want.

See you next week, perhaps now in your Inbox!

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