Praying the Stations of the Cross

One of my Lenten practices has been praying through the The Stations of the Cross. I fell in love with the Stations in middle school when I, a Church of Christ kid, started attending Blessed Sacrament parochial school.

If you also the love the Stations, or are looking to explore them, let me point you to a lovely book by Maragaret Adams Parker and Katherine Sonderegger Praying the Stations of the Cross: Finding Hope in a Weary Land.

The book opens with an introduction and history of the Stations, and then goes through each Station with a Scripture reading, prayers, and a theological meditation by Sonderegger. Haunting artwork by Parker accompanies each Station.

One note, the authors follow the traditional Catholic stations of the cross, which might be unfamiliar to Protestants. This is discussed in the introduction of the book.

The book is an excellent resource for daily prayers during Lent. Starting on Ash Wednesday, I've been going through one Station each day and plan to all the way to Easter.

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