To My Readers: Vacation Notice and an Invitation

Dear Reader,
First, to my regular readers, thanks for reading. I've only been in the blog world since March and I've enjoyed my time here. Another big thank you to all those who have commented. I appreciate you taking the time to interact with my posts. Although I don't respond to all your comments, I read and ponder them all.

Second, this blog will be inactive for about four weeks. I've finished up my summer teaching load and will be away from home for a few weeks on vacation. I'll be back online in early August.

If you find this blog while I'm gone, welcome. I've updated and expanded my sidebar so that you can "catch up" on all the things I've been thinking about (if you cared to know). I've organized the posts topically.

For regular readers, here is what I'll be thinking about while I'm gone and I invite you to think along with me and post your ideas here while I'm away. Consider this an invitation to join in a communal theological exploration.

If you read my last post On Being a Practicing Christian, I suggest that Christians have an anemic vision of what "Christian practice" might encompass. So, during my vacation, I'm going to be thinking about this: What are the components of Christian practice? What activities, personal and communal, would define a distinctive Christian practice?

Below this letter you will find a post where interested readers can post their ideas about what they think should be a component of Christian practice. As I have internet access during my vacation I'll be following any comments on that post. When I return I'll summarize your ideas and add anything I've thought of while away.

Hope your summer is going well. I'll be back in a few weeks. And, if you'd like to dabble in a little "experimental theology," read this post and participate in helping define the components of Christian practice here.


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