The Ecclesial Quotient

Dear Reader,
This series on the Ecclesial Quotient (EcQ) is a playful attempt at recreational theology. That is, I propose to calculate your contribution to the Kingdom of God. Admittedly, this is a silly project but the series is interesting for a few reasons.

First, it allowed me to blog about social influence. So, if you read the series you'll encounter social network theory, weak ties, triadic closure, and the Small World Phenomena. These topics have some bearing upon church living.

Second, although a piece of playful theological musing, we can always be on the lookout for legitimate theological insight. When we shuffle our theological cards in unorthodox ways new combinations often occur. For me, there are a few such moments in this series.

Third, although the EcQ isn't a serious tool, does quantitative modeling have any place in church studies? This series made me wonder. In the end, given recent uses of mathematical models to predict marriage dynamics, I think a quantitative eccelesiology is a viable project.

Enjoy the EcQ!

The Ecclesial Quotient Series:
The Moral Exemplar Term: Here the EcQ is introduced and its first term specified.
The Social Influence Term: Connectors: Here the second term is specified and you gets lots of stuff about social network theory.
The Social Influence Term: Mavens and Salesmen: The second term is completed and the EcQ is put together.
Quantitative Eccesiology?: The EcQ is plotted in a 3D graph and the prospect of a quantitative eccesiology is playfully but also seriously forwarded.
A Tour of the EcQ: A 3D tour of the EcQ noting its theological implications.

More Quantitative Eccesiology:
The J-Curve and the Missional Church

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