Metaliminal Reflections

As you may have noticed, I'm on vacation so the posts have been slow. However, I'm on my way home and things will get rolling again real soon. However, the comments to The Wicked post are just amazing. That conversation still has some legs.

But in the meantime, click on over to George Cooper's new blog Metaliminal Reflections! If you are a reader here you know that George is both wickedly smart (I got Wicked on the brain) and deeply humane.

He also has interesting role models...

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3 thoughts on “Metaliminal Reflections”

  1. George certainly has a gift for weaving profundity and humor. No doubt his blog will offer plenty of both.

    Also, are you familiar with the poet Mark Jarman? If not, you need to check out his book Questions for Ecclesiastes. His work reminds me a lot of some thoughts you raise here.

    The address below gives an overview of his career; the last three paragraphs discuss Questions for Ecclesiastes and his "Unholy Sonnets" cycle.

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