Millennia Foundation Award

Experimental Theology won recognition this year from the Millennia Foundation. The award recognizes innovation in Participatory Media (e.g., blogs, Twitter, Facebook, podcasting and YouTube). From the Millennia Foundation website:

The Millennia Foundation views Participatory Media as the "new printing press" - an emerging global venue in which ideas and imagination, not structural or positional power, moderate cultural dialogue. PPM encourages an emancipation of knowledge and personal responsibility, reawakening dreams buried in the slumber of institutional hierarchy and control. Wisdom (see Proverbs) is the new gatekeeper and community is reborn as a network of conversations. Excellence in PPM invites passionate dialogue while remaining hospitable, charitable, and beneficial to all participants. Millennia Awards are given to PPM communities which bridge superficial cultural and religious divides - exploring commonality as much as difference; maintaining fresh, creative, missional formats accessible and relevant to a diverse audience; remaining sensitive to our shared humanity and common need for grace as we learn and grow together.

Past and current Millennia Award winners can be found at the Millennia Media Group website.

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  1. Congratulations!!!

    Even more encouraging is to see that there are others who recognize and reward the open dialog/musing that is allowed to take place here.

    Gary Y.

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