The E-Trade Baby (Things I'm Interested In, Installment #8)

It's a tough economy out there and it's probably not cool to spotlight the stock markets. That said, I just love the e-trade baby commercials. If you need a smile today, here are four of my favorites:

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4 thoughts on “The E-Trade Baby (Things I'm Interested In, Installment #8)”

  1. ...hey, it was on the cart path. Why don't you try readin' the rules, Shankapotamus.

    Oh, my. I still laugh out loud when I hear that line. That had to be the funniest SB commercial, and my favorite of these ads.

    I... really underestimated the creepiness.


  2. What? Not the one where he spits up? "If I can do it, you can do it. Whoa."

    I like these commercials, too, as entertainment. The recent ones, though (here the singing one and the golf one) seem to be trying to get across the message that by "taking control" & "doing research", e-trade can especially help you do well through these nasty days for the stock market. The cuteness of the babies can distract one from raising the questions that should immediately come to mind: How in the world would the "tools" e-trade makes available help here? Would they have convinced investors several months ago, before things tanked, to get out of the market? Did e-trade customers, with all their take-control diagnostics & research, do any better through this mess? I doubt it -- on the grounds that they'd probably be telling us all about that if they could. Instead, we get empty talk about "rising up" and "taking control" with cute babies thrown in to make it all go down smoother.

    Someone should make anti-e-trade commercials with one cute baby admonishing another to not be taken in by the e-trade commercials, perhaps ending with the line, "I wasn't born yesterday, you know."

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