"This is water, this is water..."

I didn't post anything about the death of David Foster Wallace back in September. But I keep running across his name online and when I come across his titles on my bookshelf. I must admit I've never been able to get through Infinite Jest, but I love Wallace's nonfiction.

Today I realized how sad I was that I'd never get to read a new Wallace collection.

If you've never read DFW, here is an essay the Wall Street Journal shared to commemorate his passing.

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2 thoughts on “"This is water, this is water..."”

  1. I'm currently reading Infinite Jest. I don't really have words to describe it - it reads like the most important thing in the world and the least important thing in the world, simultaneously. It's obsession/obsessiveness, and also futility/preposterousness. It's apparent that the author is self-aware of both facets.

    I didn't know of David Foster Wallace until after his death. Reading DFW is like running into a fellow vagabond of the Mystery, one who can help you learn how to think, to even consider asking "what the hell is water?"

    It was this tribute in the Metafilter thread about his death that made me want to read Infinite Jest.

    Thanks for the great link. Another amazing article by such a bright star.

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