Exam Man!

Ah, the simple joys of working on a college campus.

It is finals week here at ACU. Yesterday, we had a visitor in our library while students were busy studying. Exam Man came to visit.

Apparently, a student dressed in only underwear, a mask and a cape ran through our library as "Exam Man" throwing out scantron forms (those forms you bubble in on multiple choices tests) with A's on them. The scene was captured here:

I have a student who has an inside contact at the ACU Police Department. She forwarded me the official police report entry:

Yesterday evening at 21:09 hours a call was received from Dr. Berryhill the on duty librarian at the ACU Library who stated that a college age white male had just entered the Library exclaiming he was the "Exam Man" he ran through scattering scantron cards. When asked for a description she stated he was only wearing a Super Hero type mask that covered his whole head, it was white with blue and silver stripes, and he had on a pair of white jockey shorts. After scattering the cards he left. Some other witnesses stated he may have also had a cape of some type.

Have a wonderful weekend! And Exam Man, I feel safer knowing you are out there...

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  1. Richard,

    This is only my second time posting a comment here, which means that I have not remotely earned the right to start pimping my own blog, but I'm doing it anway--my last entry is on a similar theme. I invite you to read, and to follow the link at the end.

    All I will say is, it puts "Exam Man" to shame.

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