Nuns Facing Vatican Scrutiny

This is an interesting development.

Being the product of both a Catholic grade school and High School I have a great respect for nuns. They, specifically the Sisters of Mercy, were my teachers, friends and mentors. I hope they aren't about to face a Vatican crackdown for "liberalism."

Stand up for the sisters!

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4 thoughts on “Nuns Facing Vatican Scrutiny”

  1. These sisters are doing what is right and good 'in their own eyes" and not the "Pope's". (freedom of conscience) This is what the Reformation was all about...Our Revolution was also about not being subservient to a King...

    The question of the "secularization" of society is at issue. Does the secularization necessitate it's own doom? Is God necessary for society's flourishing?

  2. Men have been trying to control and gag women of the church since Christianity changed from a movement to a Denomination status with controls by overseers and committees. It is about time women recognized the reality of Paul's statement that there is no male or female in the sight of God. All are worthy to speak. All are worthy to lead as equals, to hold office as equals.

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